Meet Malcolm Promotion

Surprise! We are offering you an exceptional promotion for the event Meet Malcolm! You can benefit from exceptional discounts on all the tickets right now.

The Package at 75€ is now at 65€. (Promo code: package)
The Panels at 15€ are now at 10€. (Promo code: panel)
The Photo-op at 45€ is now at 35€. (Promo code: photoshoot)
The Autograph at 25€ is now at 20€. (Promo code: autographe)
The Meet&Greet at 80€ is now at 60€. (Promo code: m&g)
The Party at 100€ is now at 60€. (Promo code: soirée)
The VIP at 450€ are now at 300€. (If you are interested, please send us a mail now at:

To benefit from these discounts, you have to go on the ticketing of the event, do your order and write the above promo code related with what you want.
This exceptional promotion will last while stocks last, and we warn you, they are very limited, not everybody could benefit from it. So do not wait any longer!

Only 2 weeks left before meeting all for that event which will be amazing for sure! The schedule will be available soon. And we remind you, the entrance is TOTALLY FREE. Even without no money, you could attend the contests on the event to win various meetings with Frankie. So do not hesitate to stop by and say hello!

Join us on the official group of the event on Facebook:

You will find all the informations about the guests, the ticketing, the schedule, the place, etc, on that link: