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And the director is: Mrs. Dognon Coralie.

Address of the head office:

23 rue Clovis Hugues
75019 Paris

Phone number: 36679570554


1 – Terms and general conditions ruling the access to this site

The access of the visitors and users of this site presume the full approval of them to the conditions ruling this site. Highvents reserves the right to, by its own discretion, modify without prior warnings the terms and general conditions ruling this site. In case of non-respect of the terms and conditions ruling the access to this site, Highvents reserves the right to take all the necessary measures, by the strenght of the law. Its terms and conditions immediately apply and are not limited in time, to all visitors.

2 – Links to other sites

This website site has links to other sites. The access to a site linked to our site is made at the own risks of the visitor or the user and Highvents couldn’t be held responsible of the damages, mistakes or omissions on these sites.

3 – Intellectual property

The access to the site gives you a prive and non-exclusive of this site. All the components put on this site, including especially the texts, pictures, infographics, logos, brands.. are œuvres in the code of the Intellectual Property. So, any representation or reproduction, complete or partiarl, which could be done without the approval of their authors or their assignees, is illicit. The components of this site can’t be sold or commercialized for profit.

4 – Responsability

Highvents et any companies associated in the création and the setting up of this site can’t be held responsible for any damages, costs, losses, direct, accidental or indirect or for any other risk that can arise following your access or use of this site. Highvents couldn’t be held responsible for a damage or virus which could infect your computer or any other computer software, following an use or an access to the site or an update from this site.

5 – Unavailability of the site

Highvents commits itself in doing its best to assure users an accessibilty to the site anytime. Highvents couldn’t be held responsible, in case of unavailability of the site, for any cause that may arise.