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What is a convention?

It’s an event taking place during one or various days, proposing to gather attenders about a special theme (a show, a movie, an artist…) and giving them the possibility to share their passion by attending differents activities on that theme, especially meetings with talents (actors, artists generally), photo-op and autograph sessions, conferences, etc… To attend a convention, you have to buy a pass before, including various advantages. The hotel and the transportation are not included in the prices.

How does take place a Highvents convention?

– Announcement of the guest and sale of the pass.
– Announcement of the guests as and when the signed contract are received.
– Sale of the extras as and when the announcements of the guests.
– Announcement of the venue of the event a few months before the convention with a list of hotels around it, their prices and the transportation to go to the event.
-Announcement of the schedule if possible one month before the convention (it may change until the last minute and even during the event).
– Withdrawal of the pass the day before the event (according to the hours given) and during the days of the convention.
– 1 month maximum after the convention, the digital photos are uploaded on a securised server for free.

When, where, with whom, how much…?

You will find all the informations about the dates, venue, guests, prices of the pass, etc on the page of the event you are interested by on that website. It’s useless to ask questions about it if the informations are not available yet.

Can a person under 18 attend the convention?

Yes, a person under 18 can attend the convention. From 16 years old, the person can attend alone but the person will have to ask one of his/her legal representative a letter written and signed by their hand allowing the person under 18 to attend the convention alone, with a copy of the ID. Under 16, the young person will have to come with an adult. If a responsible adult comes with him/her during all the convention, he will have to get a pass too.

Disability, illnesses…

If you suffer from an illness, disability or anything else the day of the event, you have to send us a priority access request. The people with wheelchair are in front of the stage, same thing for the deaf or partially deaf people. If you really need someone with you during the event, please notify it too. Any priority access request has to be done to ticketing@highvents.com and send with a medical certificate that will be verificated.

Can I take pictures or film during the convention?

You could take pictures during the Q&A, however, you could use the flash only during the first 5 minutes for the comfort of the guests. It’s forbidden to film during the Q&A. It will be totally forbidden to take pictures or film during the photo-ops, autograph sessions, M&G, the party and the VIP Dinner.

Can I go in and out as I want?

You could go in and out of the venue of the convention as many time as you want if you can show the pass you will receive at the entrance of the convention. Your presence isn’t compulsory during all the activities, but please note that the activities with the guests will take place during the day and you should be present at this time.

Will the convention be filmed?

All the convention or a part will be recorded by us, sponsors or media. By bying a pass, you give us the right to use your picture which could be showed on the photos or the video records for promotional, business purposes and copyright free. A DVD will be put up for sale by us after each event.

What pass and extras buy?

There are different pass with various advantages. All the details are posted on the page of the event you are interested by, in the section “Pass”. Once you bought your pass, you couldn’t change it for another one. There are also various extras, with all the details on the page of the event you are interested by, in the section “Extras”.

The VIP Pass

For each convention, there are 6 VIP pass, put up for auction on eBay. The starting price is 500€ and the final price depends on the auctions. The VIP pass put up for auction on eBay gradually before the convention, various guests have to be announced yet.
If you already have a pass and you win the auction, the price of the pass will be deducted from your final auction. You can pay your pass in various installments. Once the auction won, you have to contact us at ticketing@highvents.com to have the informations. We may also put these pass for a direct purchase, the prices can change.

How can I pay my pass and my extras?

You absolutely have to read the General Terms and Conditions before buying anything, every purchase means approval of our G.T.C. You can pay directly on our website via our partner Le Pot Commun or via bank transfer on our account.
You can also pay some pass in various installments, only on Le Pot Commun. You have 1 month between each payment, otherwise your order could be cancelled.

How can I get my pass and extras?

If you pay via Le Pot Commun: you receive directly a purchase confirmation on your email address.
If you pay via bank transfer: you will get an invoice from 2 weeks to a month. The invoice is your purchase confirmation.

In both cases, you have to print your purchase confirmations and bring them with you during the withdrawal of your pass and extras with your ID card. We will give you an envelop with your purchases.
You can’t withdraw the envelop of someonelse. You have to check with the staff member who gives you the envelop that all your purchases are inside it because, once the envelop is given, we won’t accept any request.

How can we be seated beside a friend?

To do so, you have to buy your pass at the same time. If it’s on the same order, you will be directly seated beside the people coming with you.

Seating: how does it work?

When you buy your pass, you are in a listing according to the pass you choose. The earlier you buy your pass, the closer you are from the stage. For the ones who pay via bank transfer, it’s the day of reception of the bank transfer that validates your seating and not the day you did the order. For the online payments in various installments, it’s the day of the first payment that matters, but if you don’t pay the second part within the days, you won’t get your pass.

Can I offer or re-sale my pass?

No, it’s forbidden to re-sale or offer your pass because all the pass are nominative. If you buy various pass at the same time, yes it’s possible to give us the name of the people coming with you. However, it’s totally forbidden to re-sale or give your pass.

How many guests are attending the convention?

We begin with at least 3 guests. If the sales are good, we increase the number of guests attending the convention. It can reach until 10 guests, even more.

What is an « Extra Guest »?

In some pass, there are photo-ops or/and autographs included except extra guest. On every convention, we have a minimum of 3 guests included (they are not necessarily announced in the first guests). “Extras guests” means the guests who are not included in the pass. So you have to pay their photo-op and/or autograph on top of your pass. The photo-ops and autographs of the extras guests are only included in the VIP Pass.

My favorite guest doesn’t attend the convention anymore, can I get refunded?

If this is an event about a show or a movie and not about “that guest” in particular, the pass are not refundable except cancellation of the event from the promoter. The artists invited may cancel their presence to the event, especially for professional reasons. The cancellation of the presence of a guest doesn’t mean the cancellation of the event and so, any refund will be done. The extras purchased with the guest who cancelled his presence will be replaced by the extras of your choices, with the other guests or automatically (if we don’t have the choice: a little time before the event), by the new guest.

Can I offer gifts to the guests attending the convention?

Yes, you can but we have to check it before regarding safety measures. You can offer it to the guests during the autograph sessions. However, during some events we may not accept gifts if the representative of the guest tell us so, because they can’t take the plane with so many gifts.

What is a photo-op?

It’s a photo of you and the guest taken by a professional photographer.

How does it take place?

During the photo-op session, you will be called according to your pass and the number on it and when your turn comes, you will have your picture taken with the guest.

Is it possible to do various photo-ops with the same guest?

Yes, it will be possible to buy extra photo-ops subject to availability. 1 photo-op= 1 printed photo.

Choice of the photos included in the pass

In some pass, you have a choice for the photos. According to your place in the listing, you will receive a mail asking you to choose your solo or duo photo-op included in your pass. The earlier you tool your pass, the better you are seated and so you will have more chances to get the photo-op of your choice because they are very limited.

Do a special exposure with the guest, is it possible?

It will depend the guest. You could ask him but please avoid embarrasing or disrespectful exposures for the comfort and respect of our guests.

When will I get my photo?

The photos will be released the day of the convention and you will get them on the venue of the convention at the end of the day. If you have to leave before the end of the day, do not worry, we will send it to you via the post.

What is an autograph?

It’s a signed autograph by the hand of the guest in front of you during the session.

How take place an autograph session?

During the autograph session, you will be called according to your pass and the number on it and when your turn comes, you will go in front of the guest to get an autograph.

What kind of item can I get signed?

In theory, you can get signed anything (books, posters, DVDs, t-shirts, etc…). However, a guest may be able to sign only items with licence, meaning the ones that are official or approved. If it’s the case, you will be warned. However, please avoid getting signed any embarrasing or disrespectful item for the comfort of the guets. Please note also that the guest can refuse to sign items he wouldn’t approve.

What is a Meet&Greet?

It’s an intimate meeting between 20 Fans and a guest, for 30 minutes. You could talk with the guest in a friendly atmosphere. An assistant will be present to translate for the ones who don’t speak English. At the end of the meeting, a group photo is taken with the guest.

The VIP dinner

If you win an auction on eBay or if you buy directly a VIP Pass, you will attend a private dinner with the guests of the event. The purpose is for you to meet the guests and be able to talk with them in a friendly atmosphere. The dinner will take place in a chic restaurant in Paris and you will have to wear a correct outfit. During this dinner, the guests, the 6 VIP and some members from the team will be present (generally 3 people). The dinner will take place the evening before the convention, on Friday but it can also take place on Saturday or Sunday if we have obligations. The venue of the dinner will be revealed the day before or the D-day, just for the 6 VIP.

The Saturday Party

The first 50 biggest pass purchased upfront have the party included. A list of the first 50 is posted on the Facebook group of the event and the ticket for the party will automatically put in the envelop. Then, 44 tickets will be put up for sale for a total amount of 100 Fans. The party can be held in different ways, but generally, there are 10 tables with 10 people (seated or on their feet) and an open bar. Each guest spends 5 minutes per table to talk (there is always an assistant to translate). Once all the guests went from table to table, the party goes on with music you can let off steam on. Generally it goes from 9pm to 11:30pm.