Highvents presents Meet Malcolm!, which will take place on Saturday 22nd of April 2017 in Paris, France.

Come to meet for the first time Frankie Muniz, the Star of the cult show Malcolm in the Middle. The entrance is FREE!
During this amazing day, are scheduled: autograph and photo op sessions, question/answer sessions, analytic conferences, contests, party, VIP dinner with Frankie… So do not wait any longer and enjoy!

For any questions, do not hesitate in joining us on the Facebook group of the event here: www.facebook.com/groups/meetmalcolm


Package: 75€

Benefit from a 100% delight meeting with Frankie, including: the access to the panels (+ analytic conferences, contests, games, etc), one photo, one autograph and a gift. Very limited tickets!

Panel & others: 15€

Attend a Q&A for 1 hour with Frankie, he will answer all your questions. Attend also debates, analytic conferences, contests (big prizes to win), games, etc on the show Malcolm in the Middle.

Photo-op: 45€

Immortalize your meeting with Frankie with one photo, taken by a profesionnal photographer. Printing on site and digital photo offered!

Autograph: 25€

Get an autograph on your Malcolm full DVD set, or on a photo or anything else, from Frankie.

Meet&Greet: 80€

Meet Frankie during 30 minutes in a very convivial and intimate atmosphere, from 10 to 20 persons. Very limited tickets!

Party: 100€

The party will take place on Saturday from 9pm until 11:30pm/midnight. Frankie will be present all the time and you could share a very special moment with him. During this party, you could clink glasses (an open bar will be at your disposal!), dance, talk and have some souvenir photo (like selfies!) with Malcolm. Very limited tickets!

VIP: 450€

There are only 6 VIP tickets for sale. As a VIP you will live the event at 100% with: Access to all the panels, two autographs, two photo-ops, attend the 2 Meet&Greet, one moment backstage, one dinner with Frankie, access to the party, one autograph support offered, one present offered (poster, by-product…), booked seat on the first line, first in the line for the autographs and photo-ops and surprises during the event. Very limited tickets! If you are interested, send us a mail now at: contact@highvents.com


Before buying your tickets, please read our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

You can also pay by bank transfert, to do so, you have to contact us, and tell us the quantity and type of tickets you wish to buy, with the name and first name of the participants as well as the buyer’s name and first name. We’ll quikly give you an answer by giving you the transfert informations. Contact us by e-mail: ticketing@highvents.com



08:00 am: Opening of the doors.
09:00 am: Introduction on stage.
09:10 am: Questions & Answers with Frankie Muniz.
10:10 am: Activities with Malcolm France. (FREE!)
10:20 am: Photo-op with Frankie Muniz.
11:30 am: Autograph session with Frankie Muniz.
12:30 pm: Closing of the doors.
01:30 pm: Opening of the doors.
01:40 pm: Questions & Answers with Frankie Muniz.
02:40 pm: Activities with Malcolm France. (FREE!)
02:50 :pm Meet&Greet with Frankie Muniz.
03:30 pm: Photo-op with Frankie Muniz.
04:40 pm: Autograph session with Frankie Muniz.
06:00 pm: Meet&Greet with Frankie Muniz.
06:40 pm: Closing ceremony.
07:00 pm: Closing of the doors.
08:40 :pm Opening of the doors.
09:00 pm: Cocktail Party.
11:30 pm: End of the party.


The event will take place in the heart of Paris, at l’Espace Saint-Martin.






Espace Saint-Martin
199 bis, rue Saint-Martin
75003 Paris





M1, M7, M14 : Châtelet – Les Halles
M3 : Arts et Métiers ou Réaumur – Sébastopol
M4 : Etienne Marcel ou Réaumur – Sébastopol
M11 : Rambuteau (Sortie Grenier Saint-Lazare)
RER A, B & D : Châtelet-Les-Halles, Sortie n°2 – Porte de Lescaut




Lines: 29 – 38 – 75 – 47
Grenier Saint-Lazare / Quartier de l’horloge


Here is the list of the hotels close to the event, from the cheapest to the most expensive:

Hôtel Rivoli (2 Rue des Mauvais Garçons – 75004 Paris) – 1 person room: 55€ per night / Double room: 65€ per night / Triple room: 76€ per night. 14 minutes on foot.

Hôtel du Cygne (3 Rue du Cygne – 75001 Paris) – Simple: 60€ per night/ Double or twin room: 70€ per night. 3 minutes on foot.

Hôtel Tiquetonne (6 Rue Tiquetonne – 75002 Paris) – Single or double room: 75€ per night / Triple room: 105€ per night. 4 minutes on foot.

Hôtel Beaubourg Paris (11 rue Simon Lefranc – 75004 Paris) – Standard double room: 90€ per night / Deluxe double or twin room: 100€ per night. 7 minutes on foot.

Hôtel de Roubaix (6 rue Greneta – 75003 Paris) – Single room: 102,72€ per night / Double room: 112,32€ per night / Twin room: 114,24€ per night / Triple room: 133,44€ per night. 1 minute on foot.

Hôtel Paris France (72 rue de Turbigo – 75003 Paris) – Single room: 88€ per night / Twin or double room: 128€ per night / Triple room: 155€ per night. 11 minutes on foot.

Hôtel Paris Rivoli (19 rue de Rivoli – 75004 Paris) – Single room: 119€ per night / Twin or double room: 128€ per night / Deluxe double room: 152€ per night. 17 minutes on foot.

Hôtel Ecole Centrale (3 Rue Bailly – 75003 Paris) – Double room with a king size bed: 120€ per night / Comfort double room: 124€ per night / Twin room: 138€ per night. 7 minutes on foot.

Crowne Plaza (10 Place de la République – 75011 Paris) – Standard double room: 157,50€ per night / Deluxe room for 4 persons with 2 double beds: 162€ per night / Deluxe double room with a queen bed: 178,20€ per night. 16 minutes on foot.

Hôtels Citadines (4 rue des Innocents – 75001 Paris) – Studio for 2 persons : 160€ per night / Deluxe studio for 2 persons: 168€ per night. 9 minutes on foot.


Coming soon…


For a partnership request, please send us an email to: contact@highvents.com


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