Before buying your pass, please read the following general terms and conditions applicable to any event organised by Highvents. Once you bought the pass, the general terms and conditions are applied.

The Pass

To attend a convention, you have to get a pass, for each event different pass are available. If you don’t buy a pass, you couldn’t attend the event, unless specific mention (contexts organised by our partners, exhibitors…).

The pass are nominative, so you have to give us your name and first name when you buy it. They will be given to you to the convention on condition that you show us an identity card with the same name and first name that you used to buy your pass. If you can’t attend the convention anymore, no refund will be done and the resale of the pass is forbidden. In particular cases, we can allow it but you have to inform us before thinking to resale it to a third person.

For the group purchases, please send us a mail as soon as possible at with the name and first name of the persons coming with you (if it hasn’t yet being done via the online ticketing). Once we receive the names, you can’t change them.

During the withdrawal of your pass, we will give you a badge and a wristband that you will have to wear absolutely during the convention. You will have to show them to the staff members for any access. If you don’t have them or if you refuse to show them, you might be not have access to the event.

If you have a 2-day pass and you can only be present for one day, we couldn’t guarantee you that you will get your photo-ops and autographs because the running order takes place during two days. We won’t be held responsible if it has to happen and no refund will be possible.

People under 18

The people under 18 can attend the conventions and can attend it alone but they have to get a parental permission. A letter written and signed by a legal representative and a copy of his identity card are necessary. If a responsible adult comes with the person under 18 during the convention, he has to get a pass. However, a person under 16 has to come with an adult.


You can pay your pass and extras via the online ticketing with your credit card. We also accept the wire transfers. If you want to use that mean of payment, please send us a mail at and we will tell you what you will need to do.

According to the price of the pass, we take also the payments in various installments via Le Pot Commun only. You have 1 month between each installment. Your seat will be confirmed only when the price of the pass will be paid. If you can’t come anymore and you have a payment in installments, a refund of the amount received won’t be possible.

Dates, venue and guests

Highvents reserves the right to change the dates and the venue of its events. If it would happen, the purchases already done will be used for the new dates. If you are not available for the new dates, we will give you the possibility to transfer your purchases to another future convention, thus your money will not be wasted or you could be refunded. Regarding the venue, it might change, even if it already has been announced.

In case of adjournment or/and change of venue, Highvents won’t refund the expenses you will have done (hotel, transportation, etc).

The invited artists might cancel the presence to the event, especially for professional reasons. Given that it’s an event about a show in its globality and not only about “that guest”, the pass and extras won’t be refunded, unless cancelation of the event by the promoter. About the extras, you will have the choice to change your extras with the other guests attending the convention.

Photo-ops and Autographs

The photo-ops and autographs take place at set times, you can attend the sessions only if you have a pass and/or extras (a pass is MANDATORY in every cases). So that everybody can attend it and the session to go very well for you and the guests, a planning based on groups will be set up and you will have to respect it. If you are not present in the main room when the calls are done, we can’t guarantee you that you could have your photo-ops and autographs, we won’t refund them.

For the autographs, any support is authorised on condition that it respects the guest, unless if we receive particular orders. We put up for sale some supports but you can bring yours.

Photos and Videos

It’s absolutely forbidden to take picture and record during the photo-ops, autographs, Meet&Greet, VIP dinner and the private party. During the Q&A, the cameras are allowed on condition that you use the flash only for the first 5 minutes. It’s forbidden to record during the Q&A.

The lack of respect of these conditions can lead you to be immediately excluded from the convention without any refund.

Image reproduction rights

When you buy a pass and attend one of the events of Highvents, you loose any image reproduction right. So, you allow the fact that your image can be used to advertising, business or published on websites and social networks.


Your personal belongings which aren’t left to the cloakroom are under your surveillance. We couldn’t be held responsible in case of theft, loss or damages on your personal belongings.

The planning of the convention might change at any time, please stay alert and even the day of the convention. In case of change regarding the planning, you will be informed with voice announcements and notice boards. Those cancelation and changes won’t lead to any kind of refund.

Highvents reserves the right to exclude and refuse the access to its events to any person who harms the organisation (diffamations, agressions, lack of respect of the rules, etc) without any kind of refund.

We invit you to read also our FAQ.