Cancellation and new guest

We are sorry to tell you that Bailee Madison won’t be with us for the Fairy Tales V. She has been casted in a new film, that’s why she can no longer attend the convention. Unfortunately, these are the hazards of the convention, a guest can still cancel his coming at the last minute if his schedule won’t allow it. However, we are glad to announce you Rachel Shelley aka Milah, to replace her. She replaces Bailee so it means that Rachel is an extra guest.


2 weeks before the event, unfortunately we can’t do a miracle and suggest you, like for Jennifer a choice of replacement. All the people who have chosen to replace their extras with Jennifer by those of Bailee, are automatically replaced by the ones of Rachel. Please, understand that we can’t review the listing again and do the changes one by one, like for the extras with Jennifer. Unfortunately, we are running out of time and Le Pot Commun has already a lot of work to do to send you your new tickets, that should be sent at the latest on 19th of May.

The duos and trios with Bailee, are replaced by Rachel. We also have added a new duo “Colin/Rachel” and you can find it right now only on the online ticketing. We have 7 Meet&Greet available again for Colin, that you can find right now only on the online ticketing.

The ticketing will close its doors this Friday, 19th of May at midnight. Enjoy it now, there are discounts until -100€!
There are some Gold Pass (VIP) left. Now, we give you the opportunity to buy them directly, without auction, at the price of the higher auction until now: 2 210€. You can pay in various installments and if you already have a pass, its price will be deduced from the VIP pass. If you are interested, do not hesitate to send us a mail at:

We are really sorry for these troubles we are facing on that event. We know that some of you are disappointed by the way the things are going. Despite these troubles, we are not giving up to offer you the most magical weekend with the guests attending. They are looking forward to meet you, you can be sure about it! So, for them, for you, we keep going on.

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